February 2018

One of the main bits of advice during our fertility journey that we have heard time and time again has been 'just relax', 'take a break' and 'try not to think about it'  - all easier said than done! However, as with most people, a holiday does always appeal, so last year we tried to make good of a bad situation, got out ur bucket lists and started looking for places in the world we wanted to visit whilst were were

Another big celebration cake - this time for my Husbands birthday! He loves chocolate nearly as much as I do, especially Muchies, Malteasers and Galaxy's Golden Eggs, so what better than to bake him a decadent birthday cake with all his favourite things?! The cake consists of 4 layers.  When you slice into the cake you will discover it's not just any chocolate cake, but an ombre surprise.  Each layer has a different flavour, ranging from dark chocolate, through to caramel and