April 2018

I never thought I would love Wild Running - believe it or not, I used to hate any type of running. In fact, I hated it that much that years ago, when my husband used to run a lot, I bought a bike just so I could still go out with him, and ride along side. So when people say to me "I'm no good at running - it's the one thing I really hate", I know exactly where they are

One of the main reasons for me launching this blog was to build a platform on which I could share my research (and there is lots of it!) with the world from the discoveries I found on my own fertility journey, including the information below for fertility diet. Last November I turned 30 - it was a major milestone for me.  I naively thought, in my younger days, by the time I reached thirty I would be married with my first

Wahoo - I have nearly completed week 3 on my Keto/Paleo/Sugar Free diet challenge (still not sure what to call it now that I have added a few good, unprocessed, carbs). I am writing this blog a little ahead of time this week so that you guys don't miss your usual Sunday morning update! I am really surprised at how long I have managed to go without eating a single rubbishy chocolate bar! If no one else is proud of me, I

DNA tests have suddenly become so accessible to the general masses, with loads of personal information for us to find out about - from diet planning and fitness assessments to ancestry and medical conditions - we now can 'know it all'. At first I wasn't sure how I felt about them

This weekend I have been thinking a lot about running tips - how can I help those of you who absolutely hate running begin to enjoy it even if its just about making it more bearable. Down at my Crossfit Box, and probably with my local neighbours too, I am known as the 'Running Girl'! I'm not naturally strong, I can't lift big weights (I'm working on it though) and my gymnastics skills are questionable, but I am good at cardio -

I am 2 full weeks into my Keto Diet Challenge and still going strong in terms of sticking to natural, refined sugar free, unprocessed foods - my main goal! However, on Wednesday, I made the decision to add 1 GOOD carbohydrate meal per day into my diet, this is because my weight has dropped and no matter how much I eat (sticking to Keto) I just can't get it back up to where I should be. I know that probably, a

So I am now on my 7th day into my Keto Diet Challenge, and I am not going to lie - there have been some very tough days! Tough challenge #1: Wednesday night I had my first meal out as my family were up to visit for the evening. Choosing a main course inline with the Keto diet plan was easy, I had lamb steak with bell peppers, a few new potatoes and Taziki  - yum!  However, when it came to desserts,