October 2019

I am so excited to announce the release of my very first Yoga Tutorial video - a short guide on the sun salutations flow that we often practice at the start of all our classes to warm the body up, get in tune with breath, and prepare for the lesson ahead. The great thing about sun salutations( and yoga in general) is that you can practice virtually anywhere - no equipment or gym is needed really!  I often practice this sequence when

With the CrossFit Open 2020 starting today we thought we would put together a little guide on CrossFit Yoga poses and stretches you can do after each workout to help with recovery. The Open is a time where we often really push our bodies to the absolute max in our efforts to compete, obtain PB’s and reach our performance goals. However, we need to ensure that we help our bodies to recover properly in order to avoid injury, reduce aches and

So this week the CrossFit Open 2020 begins and I am so ready to compete Friday night in the first of 5 WODS (workout of the day)! I missed out on competing last year due to all the IVF stuff that we had going on, so, although it’s bittersweet, I am super excited to be involved this year (in case you couldn’t tell already)! My first time