May 2020

I often get asked for recommendations on what are the best yoga mats and kit options for home practise - more so now that we have all had to spend the last few weeks unable to get into any studios where a lot of my students borrow mats and kit. So here are my top recommendations for the best yoga mats and accessories your home yoga setup

Hands up who else has been struggling to keep motivated the last few weeks?! The last few weeks of lockdown have been super hard for many of us and to keep motivated, fit and healthy can be oh so hard at times. By nature, we are sociable creatures, pack animals, and lack of human contact can lead to becoming depressed and lonely, especially for those living on there own.  But at this moment in time, it is more important than ever

So in the midst of this pandemic that we are all currently going through, there seems to be a new craze for cooking banana bread whilst we all endure lockdown at home and I couldn't resist jumping on the bandwaggon after a few yummy, drool-worthy, Instagram photos of my friends banana bread efforts popped up! As a long-term IBS sufferer, gluten-intolerant, I needed to find a recipe that would not upset my stomach!  So after digging around on the web, and