23andMe Ancestry Test

DNA tests have suddenly become so accessible to the general masses, with loads of personal information for us to find out about – from diet planning and fitness assessments to ancestry and medical conditions – we now can ‘know it all’.

At first I wasn’t sure how I felt about them…

  • Is this another way for the government to get their hands on more personal data for their own databases?
  • Do I want this level of personal information taken from me – what could it be negatively used for potentially in the future should these companies offering this service get hacked?  Could I be cloned without knowing it?!

I still am not sure how I feel about all that data being potentially available, but then the positives (for me at least) out weigh the negatives. Understanding more about ourselves can help save lives, prevent certain diseases, understand what our individual bodies need to live the maximum healthy lifestyle we can possibly hope to achieve – probably even more applealing for those who are into their health and fitness like I am.

So I guess I have been sucked in too – for me there were two lots of test that I wanted to do:

  1. The first a fitness and nutrition test (DNA Fit) to help me see if there was anything I should be eating/doing differently to help with my fertility journey as well as satisfy my general fitness interests.
  2. The second, an ancestry test, to learn more about my heritage, my routes, where my family came from years and years ago.

I guess I only really started to wonder about my own ancestor history after my uncle, on my mothers side, got his test done a year or two ago as a Christmas present.  His results came back stating he was mostly English (no surprises there), but also had some Scandinavian blood in him too – also not a massive surprise seeing as a lot of us within the family have blonde hair and blue eyes.  Being my uncle, I suppose his test results told half my of story, but that left me wondering about the other half of my ancestry – the story that came from my fathers side.

So when I got asked what I would like for my birthday last year by my sister in-law I suggested this test – specifically from 23andme.com as then it would link in with my DNA Fit test (blog for this one to come shortly).

The results came through (finally after two failed tests and months of waiting) last week.

It turns out I am 55.5% British and Irish – well this was a no brainer!

However, I also have a fair bit of French and German blood in me too, as well as Northwestern European (probably linked back to my uncles Scandi results), and a touch of Southern European – could this be from my Dads side?  He does have an Italian/Mediterranean dark look about him, plus we both have similar skin that tans well and rarely burns.

My results summary can be seen below,

 Ancestry Test

I will defiantly be doing some further research into my family history in the future, I would love to see how this report fits in with my family tree.

As far as recommending the test – the concept is great, but I think 23andme.com potentially offers the least information, or at least I couldn’t find much more than what you can see above.  I am not sure what company my uncle went with, but I think he got a lot more information out of his.

What are your thoughts on these types of test?  How do you feel about having this level of personal information taken from you – do you have the same concerns I do?

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