My husband and I have been trying to conceive now for over 3 years and pretty much for all of that time the Caribbean has been completely off limits for holidays due to the Zika Virus being at its rifest in this area amongst other destinations such as Central, Southern America and other tropical countries. However, earlier this year the Bahamas, situated in the northern most part of the Caribbean ocean, got the all clear for and is now free of

One of the main bits of advice during our fertility journey that we have heard time and time again has been 'just relax', 'take a break' and 'try not to think about it'  - all easier said than done! However, as with most people, a holiday does always appeal, so last year we tried to make good of a bad situation, got out ur bucket lists and started looking for places in the world we wanted to visit whilst were were

2016 was probably the first time that many of us had even heard about 'The Zika Virus'.  Mostly due to the media hype that surrounded the World Olympics that was hosted there that year in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where the virus was becoming a big problem, epidemic level.  The concern was around how it would affect our athletes and supporters as well about increasing the spread of the virus. With no cure or vaccine for this virus, the worry was

After re-igniting my love for Greece earlier this year, my husband and I decided to head back at the end of the summer for one last summer escape - this time we headed further south to one of the larger islands in the Aegean Sea - Crete. If you are looking for a short haul, low key but nice, relaxing break, then definitely check out the greek islands - they have something to offer for everyone, from beautiful coves and secret

Back in 2016 the Zika Virus hit the media by storm. The hype and panic surrounding the virus was caused by the World Olympics being held in Rio, Brazil that year, a country currently experiencing a Zika epidemic, the fear was that this world event would spread the disease further, impact on our athletes and spectators health and cause an all-round world crisis. Zika is a virus, transmitted by mosquitoes to humans that can cause serious birth defects in pregnant women