Attention all runners out there - these yoga poses are directed specifically at you! If you are a keen runner, the chances are your lower body has taken an absolute hammering and you might summer from all sorts of aches and pains. Release and stretch tight hamstrings, ease lower back pain and tension in the hips with these 9 simple stretches that you can do anywhere, ideally directly after your running session. My top yoga poses for running 1. Low Lunge From down facing dog (below) exhale and step

Yoga for back pain can be the best, natural, quick fix, pain relief method you will ever discover! If you workout a lot, sit at a desk or do anything repetitively from time to time you might be likely to suffer from a tight back or back pain. There are lots of yoga poses you can do which can help relieve and ease off this pain, and if practiced regularly (after workouts/at the end of your day) you can even

Here at Flotality, we can't rave enough about how good yoga is for any fitness routine, but especially for Crossfitters, and yet when you ask a group of Crossfit athletes 'who actually practices yoga?' you will be surprised how few do. Incorporating regular yoga practice into your training routine alongside any other sports that you do, not only helps to reduce recovery time between sessions, it also helps to prevent injury as well as enhance your athletic performance too - so

The saying often goes, “Yoga finds you when it is the right time” - if you had said this to me a few years back, I would have thought what on earth are you on about?  However, now I understand… I have taken yoga classes on and off for over a decade, so yoga is nothing new to me.  I did enjoy most classes at the time but never really stuck consistently at regular practice (other than when I had a

I never thought I would love Wild Running - believe it or not, I used to hate any type of running. In fact, I hated it that much that years ago, when my husband used to run a lot, I bought a bike just so I could still go out with him, and ride along side. So when people say to me "I'm no good at running - it's the one thing I really hate", I know exactly where they are

One of the main reasons for me launching this blog was to build a platform on which I could share my research (and there is lots of it!) with the world from the discoveries I found on my own fertility journey, including the information below for fertility diet. Last November I turned 30 - it was a major milestone for me.  I naively thought, in my younger days, by the time I reached thirty I would be married with my first

Wahoo - I have nearly completed week 3 on my Keto/Paleo/Sugar Free diet challenge (still not sure what to call it now that I have added a few good, unprocessed, carbs). I am writing this blog a little ahead of time this week so that you guys don't miss your usual Sunday morning update! I am really surprised at how long I have managed to go without eating a single rubbishy chocolate bar! If no one else is proud of me, I

DNA tests have suddenly become so accessible to the general masses, with loads of personal information for us to find out about - from diet planning and fitness assessments to ancestry and medical conditions - we now can 'know it all'. At first I wasn't sure how I felt about them