This weekend I have been thinking a lot about running tips - how can I help those of you who absolutely hate running begin to enjoy it even if its just about making it more bearable. Down at my Crossfit Box, and probably with my local neighbours too, I am known as the 'Running Girl'! I'm not naturally strong, I can't lift big weights (I'm working on it though) and my gymnastics skills are questionable, but I am good at cardio -

I am 2 full weeks into my Keto Diet Challenge and still going strong in terms of sticking to natural, refined sugar free, unprocessed foods - my main goal! However, on Wednesday, I made the decision to add 1 GOOD carbohydrate meal per day into my diet, this is because my weight has dropped and no matter how much I eat (sticking to Keto) I just can't get it back up to where I should be. I know that probably, a

So I am now on my 7th day into my Keto Diet Challenge, and I am not going to lie - there have been some very tough days! Tough challenge #1: Wednesday night I had my first meal out as my family were up to visit for the evening. Choosing a main course inline with the Keto diet plan was easy, I had lamb steak with bell peppers, a few new potatoes and Taziki  - yum!  However, when it came to desserts,

Today marks Day 1 of my #KetoDietChallenge.  Over the next 4 + weeks I will aim to transform my modern day, high sugar diet, to a high fat, low carb, high protein diet, removing as much processed food from my daily intake as possible. To anyone who knows me, you will more than likely know how big a sweet tooth I have.  I am a self proclaimed chocoholic, icing devourer and desert freak.  This will not be easy for me, but

2016 was probably the first time that many of us had even heard about 'The Zika Virus'.  Mostly due to the media hype that surrounded the World Olympics that was hosted there that year in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where the virus was becoming a big problem, epidemic level.  The concern was around how it would affect our athletes and supporters as well about increasing the spread of the virus. With no cure or vaccine for this virus, the worry was