Practising yoga at home has lots of benefits and can complement your existing class routine as well as be a handy go-to in the holidays when you're all out of sync and it can be hard to get to the studio! One of the best things about yoga, apart from all the obvious health benefits, is that you can practise yoga anywhere - you can practice yoga at home, on holiday, or even in a spare meeting room on your lunchtime

If you suffer from tight legs (quads, glutes, hamstrings & hips) then these yoga poses are for you! Tight legs can often trigger pain in the lower back too as well as hinder mobility in strength training activities like squats, toes to bar and lunges. We use our legs all the time, so it's important that you look after these muscles and allow them to stretch and recover. Try to practice these movements regularly (after workouts/at the end of your day)

The shoulders are a common place of where many people hold a lot of tension, and struggle with mobility and strength. It is important that we look after our shoulders as issues here can cause pail in the back, arms and neck too. Here are a few easy yoga postures you can try at home to relieve your tight shoulders and arms, improve mobility and even increase strength. Hold each pose for 10 breaths. If you find you are tighter more

Headstand or Sirsasana is an inverted balancing yoga posture that can be both refreshing and energising. A headstand is simply the art of balancing on your head with your legs in the air.  However, if practiced badly it can cause injuries particularly in the neck region so it is important that you learn how to do a headstand properly.  Below we have written a quick guide to help you safely learn and practice headstand. Practicing headstands within your practice has many

Attention all runners out there - these yoga poses are directed specifically at you! If you are a keen runner, the chances are your lower body has taken an absolute hammering and you might summer from all sorts of aches and pains. Release and stretch tight hamstrings, ease lower back pain and tension in the hips with these 9 simple stretches that you can do anywhere, ideally directly after your running session. My top yoga poses for running 1. Low Lunge From down facing dog (below) exhale and step

Yoga for back pain can be the best, natural, quick fix, pain relief method you will ever discover! If you workout a lot, sit at a desk or do anything repetitively from time to time you might be likely to suffer from a tight back or back pain. There are lots of yoga poses you can do which can help relieve and ease off this pain, and if practiced regularly (after workouts/at the end of your day) you can even

Here at Flotality, we can't rave enough about how good yoga is for any fitness routine, but especially for Crossfitters, and yet when you ask a group of Crossfit athletes 'who actually practices yoga?' you will be surprised how few do. Incorporating regular yoga practice into your training routine alongside any other sports that you do, not only helps to reduce recovery time between sessions, it also helps to prevent injury as well as enhance your athletic performance too - so