Hands up who else has been struggling to keep motivated the last few weeks?! The last few weeks of lockdown have been super hard for many of us and to keep motivated, fit and healthy can be oh so hard at times. By nature, we are sociable creatures, pack animals, and lack of human contact can lead to becoming depressed and lonely, especially for those living on there own.  But at this moment in time, it is more important than ever

So in the midst of this pandemic that we are all currently going through, there seems to be a new craze for cooking banana bread whilst we all endure lockdown at home and I couldn't resist jumping on the bandwaggon after a few yummy, drool-worthy, Instagram photos of my friends banana bread efforts popped up! As a long-term IBS sufferer, gluten-intolerant, I needed to find a recipe that would not upset my stomach!  So after digging around on the web, and

A basic Forward Fold Stretch and a pose that you will find used in nearly every yoga practice either as a posture on its own or a transitional movement. Uttanasana, Forward Fold Stretch, stretches the hamstrings, calves and hips, but did you know it also has many other benefits too? Any inversion, or movement where your head is upside down, within yoga can help calm the brain, relieve stress, headaches and mild depression as well as increase focus - reducing stress

Who else gets excited about pancakes or is it just me? I have already been planning my meals and looking for healthy pancakes inspiration for the big day so that I make sure get my full pancake fix! Whilst I am at it though, I thought I would share some healthy pancakes inspiration with you guys, so maybe you could give them a try too

This is a long-overdue blog post - I know.  But I needed some time away from it all, I needed to find me again - the old Harri got a little lost in amongst it all last year, but I think I have found her again, scraped her off the floor, given her a good stiff talking to,  and am (sort of) ready to come back to this with a clear head and fresh eyes to tell you our story… I

Happy New Year guys and girls!   It’s that time of year again when we all seem to take a moment to reflect on the past 12 months, reviewing the good and the bad, setting new goals, making plans and jumping on the health kick band waggon! It’s no secret, 2019 was a terrible year for me (and my husband) - the year started with me smashing up my knee snowboarding on New Years morning and got progressively worse as we embarked on

With the winter season being notorious for bugs spreading around, we will all be looking to do anything we can to avoid them, or if we are unlucky enough to catch one, we will be searching for ways to make ourselves feel better! I am a great believer in yoga for health, and it can be used to help or heal most things – and is a great natural remedy to try first before turning to medications. Did you know that inverted

I am so excited to announce the release of my very first Yoga Tutorial video - a short guide on the sun salutations flow that we often practice at the start of all our classes to warm the body up, get in tune with breath, and prepare for the lesson ahead. The great thing about sun salutations( and yoga in general) is that you can practice virtually anywhere - no equipment or gym is needed really!  I often practice this sequence when

With the CrossFit Open 2020 starting today we thought we would put together a little guide on CrossFit Yoga poses and stretches you can do after each workout to help with recovery. The Open is a time where we often really push our bodies to the absolute max in our efforts to compete, obtain PB’s and reach our performance goals. However, we need to ensure that we help our bodies to recover properly in order to avoid injury, reduce aches and