Here’s to a better, healthier, 2020!

Happy New Year guys and girls!  

It’s that time of year again when we all seem to take a moment to reflect on the past 12 months, reviewing the good and the bad, setting new goals, making plans and jumping on the health kick band waggon!

It’s no secret, 2019 was a terrible year for me (and my husband) – the year started with me smashing up my knee snowboarding on New Years morning and got progressively worse as we embarked on our third and final (and most stressful) round of IVF (which didn’t work out in the end), followed by our house getting flooded and needing a total repair of the downstairs, my brother getting ill, and to top it off even my husbands business took a few major hits too at a time when we really didn’t need more stress or worry!  It’s safe to say I am glad to see the back of 2019.

However, that said, I never lose sight that in many ways we are very fortunate with the life we have. Although I acknowledge how lucky we are in other ways, it doesn’t stop me wishing for a better year in 2020 – it would be nice to get some luck thrown our way this year!

So I won’t dwell too long on the has-beens but rather now look forward to the will-bes! The turn of the New year has got me thinking about the year ahead and where I want to go from here…

2020 is an exciting year with lots of things already planned, including a ski trip to Italy, two destination weddings – one being back on the island where we got married, and CrossFit comps both in the UK and abroad!

As well as experiences though I want to set some goals for my personal growth too, goals that are challenging but achievable, goals that will help my health and fitness, as well as physical and work goals too

Goal #1 – Eat Better

For starters, like most of us, I will be making some healthy changes after an indulgent festive holiday!

Keeping up with my training of course, but really whipping my ass into shape when it comes to healthy eating.  I have been so bad right from the last round of IVF all the way through to Christmas!

I hate cooking, but I really should learn to find some dishes that I do enjoy cooking and try to make more fresh home-cooked food.  When I did the keto diet challenge my body never felt so good both on the inside and the out.  My IBS had virtually been controlled, I rarely suffered bloating (if at all), my energy levels were sky high and my skin felt good too.

I would like to get back into a routine again where I try to eat less sugar, avoid processed food and try to learn to plan and prep more, but at the same time in a way that is sustainable for me to keep up long-term.

When I did the keto diet challenge I used Instagram to hold myself accountable, sharing my recipes and foodie pictures.  This seemed to get a good response from lots of people who were inspired by my food, or at the very least just gave lovely comments that kept me on track – that really worked for me so I plan to do it again! (Advance warning – unfollow me now if you don’t want to see my food pics from next week onwards!)

So goal #1 – Eat clean, cut back the sugar and cook more!

Goal #2 – Think Better

Although I probably have hidden it well, the latter half of 2019, especially in the lead up to Christmas, has been really hard on me mentally and I am aware that I have maybe not been as bright and chirpy as normal. I haven’t really told many people, but I have cried most days, I know I have been moody at times (mostly towards loved ones – I am sorry) and the biggest most recent eye-opener has been during recent CrossFit classes when I have walked away from a workout really angry with myself or even nearly in tears all because I have put so much pressure and expectation on myself that I have stopped having fun in what used to be my ‘safe place’ – I mean WTF is going on with me?!

I know we all have dark times, and this year I feel like I have had more than my fair share, but those moments shouldn’t define us as people, we shouldn’t let them hold us in that place of feeling low.  I need to remember not to let those moments consume my mind.  As a wise lady once told me – I can’t control our circumstances, I can’t control what others say or do around me, BUT I CAN control the way I let a situation affect me and strive to keep shining bright no matter what.

So this year I am going to remember those words and focus on being kinder to myself, as well as kinder to others.

So goal #2 – Be kind, be grateful, be thoughtful

Goal #3 – Do Better

Ok so this seems a bit contradictory to the last goal – I do know that I just said I need to not be so hard on myself, but that doesn’t mean I can’t set goals for desired achievements?! There are two parts to this goal really…

From a fitness perspective, I have a few key goals I want to achieve…

  • Bodyweight Olympic Lifts – I would like by the end of the year to be lifting at least my body weight in all the key movements (Clean and Jerk, Back Squat, Front Squat) and be close to double that on my Deadlifts.  Snatch wise – I am looking to reach 75%.
  • Step up the gymnastics – I really need to pull my finger out and nail those kipping pull-ups, handstand press-ups and toes to bar this year!
  • Crank up the running – now I’m not a miles girl, but I would like to shave a bit off my 5K time – it would be nice to hit the 22 min marker or at least get close this year.

On the career side of things, I have already started to build my creative digital freelance business back up and will continue to do so throughout 2020.

I gave up a lot of my work during our IVF journey in a bid to reduce stress and give us every fighting chance, but rather than looking at this as a negative, I am looking at it as a business reset opportunity – I am now in a good position to really focus on working within a niche market place for fitness, wellness, travel and lifestyle brands and businesses.

Alongside my digital marketing agency, I will continue to also develop my yoga business, Flotality, too.  I have some exciting ideas in mind so watch this space!

Achieving my goals…

The main thing about all the goals I have set above is that they are realistic – I am not setting my sights on anything too far out of reach.  Setting goals that are not realistically achievable, or that will take a gruelling process to achieve will only set me up to fail!

I also will start to think about milestones over the next few days and put some in place – these will be mini-goals if you like and keep me on track to reaching the final big goal.

I will also remain accountable.  As always, I will be tracking my progress and holding myself accountable via my Instagram account (@wyldandfit) too as well as posting updates on here too throughout the year on all the above. I would love for you all to follow, and even get inspired to join me!  I urge you, readers, to feel free to get on my back too throughout the year and give me a nudge if I need one!  I would also love to hear what goals you have set for yourself this year?!

On a final note…

You might have noticed that none of my goals have included anything about our future family plans, and I haven’t included our infertility journey in this blog as that is one big can of worms to crack open! And for that reason, I feel that it needs its own (long overdue) blog as so much has gone one since then…

So stay tuned – I promise I will post soon on this topic!