Keep Motivated During Lockdown

Hands up who else has been struggling to keep motivated the last few weeks?!

The last few weeks of lockdown have been super hard for many of us and to keep motivated, fit and healthy can be oh so hard at times. By nature, we are sociable creatures, pack animals, and lack of human contact can lead to becoming depressed and lonely, especially for those living on there own.  But at this moment in time, it is more important than ever that we keep motivated, keep our vibrations high, keeping our selves fit and healthy.

This time has also made me really realise what REALLY lights my fire – and it truly is people. Being surrounded by positive, inspiring, friendly faces motivates me to show up, stay accountable and keep moving even when things get hard!  Sometimes I’ve been known to just show up for the chat – but at least I showed up!  Something is always better than nothing…

So I have put together this little post with a few of my top tips to help you keep motivated, keep your spirits high and stay on track no matter where you are at on your fitness journey – be that a regular gym addict or just starting out!

Top Tips to Keep Motivated

1. Set a Routine

Lack of routine can lead to a lack of enthusiasm, and we all know where that ends up! let’s not go there…

Catch yourself before you fall – probably the most simple thing you can do, and I am sure you have seen it plastered all over the ‘gram, is set yourself a routine. Working from home or not, create a weekly schedule, just as you would in the real sociable world that we all once knew and try to stick to it – no excuses!

  • Set your alarm to wake you up each day…
  • plan what time/days you will work out…
  • plan what time you will go outside for a run, bike or walk…
  • plan your meals…
  • set aside time to do yoga (my classes of course)…

… and maybe even plan a bit of self-care time in the evenings (like taking a hot bath, doing a bit of beauty admin, or just reading a book).

2. Eat Well, Feed the Soul

Nourish your body from the inside out.  If you have less work on or been furloughed then you will have plenty of time to indulge in prepping and making delicious health dishes.  Have a browse through my blog for a couple of recipe ideas or find inspiration online!

Food feeds the soul, keeps us healthy and can do wonders for making you feel good – if you feel good on the inside you are bound to feel even better on the outside! It’s a no brainer!

Here are some of my fave recipes…

3. Keep Moving

Try not to let yourself sit and wallow.  Try to keep moving no matter what.  Accept that some days you will want to/can move fast, but on others may not want to push your body through a gruelling workout or fast run, and that’s totally fine!  Whatever you do – just keep moving!  It’s ok to have days where you move slow – on these days maybe just take a walk, get some fresh air and/or do some gentle yoga.

4. Stay connected

Don’t be alone – there are so many ways to stay connected with our friends and family right now.  You can phone, text or even video call.  I like to share coffee time with friends, workout with buddies online and call my family every few days to check-in.  A simple phone call can really help lift spirits on down days (yours or even theirs), so let’s keep in touch, check-in with loved ones and be sociable even if its remotely for now! Look after yourself, but don’t forget to look out for each other too.

5. Indulge in doing less, and be ok with it!

We all need a rest day or two each week, and even though there is not much else to do except exercise (it seems right now) it is important that we still give our bodies some downtime to recover.  Look after yourself, make sure you don’t over-exercise – just remember if you break you will be having lots of rest days – and that’s way worst than just refraining once a week!

If you find you are having a down day and just don’t feel like moving, that’s fine too! Maybe it’s your bodies ways of telling you to stop! Don’t beat yourself up over it – it’s perfectly ok to miss a workout or two.  Be kind to your mind, find something else to focus on that day – be that reading a book, getting creative or just indulging in your favourite Netflix series.  Tomorrow is a new day, you can reset tonight and start again in the morning!

Need help getting started on your wellness journey?

Did you know I am a fully qualified yoga instructor and nutrition coach?

Although the studio is closed at this moment in time due to coronavirus, I can help you get started, stay motivated and reach your fitness or wellness goals remotely via the wonderful world of technology – video calls, emails and messaging.  Sometimes it’s just handy to have someone help map out a plan and be by your side to make sure you stay on track – and that is exactly what I am here for!

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