My First Week on the #KetoDietChallenge

So I am now on my 7th day into my Keto Diet Challenge, and I am not going to lie – there have been some very tough days!

Tough challenge #1: Wednesday night I had my first meal out as my family were up to visit for the evening. Choosing a main course inline with the Keto diet plan was easy, I had lamb steak with bell peppers, a few new potatoes and Taziki  – yum!  However, when it came to desserts, it was a true test to my will power, I must admit I nearly caved – I could have quite easily treated it as a ‘special day’ but only being 3 days in I felt like I owed it to myself to stay strong. I stood by my plan, ordered a peppermint tea and watched the others eating their delicious, sugar laden, chocolatey desserts.

Tough challenge #2: This came the following day, Thursday. Even though it was a rest day from exercise for me, I found I lacked energy and my cravings for chocolate and carbs were kicking in.  I had been lucky up until this point to not really have too many cravings but I think the added extra load of the low energy didn’t help.  I didn’t break though, I relied heavily on my homemade Keto chocolates and got an early night.

Today is actually my cheat day, or cheat 24 hours (6pm Sat – 6pm Sun) – as it is Easter after all! However, that doesn’t mean I am just going to binge on all the foods I have banned my self from.

As I said when I first started out, the purpose of this is not to be so strict that the challenge becomes so hard it is almost unachievable. It is about aiming to break a habit, my sugar addiction, restore my body and try to make a lifestyle change.  It is about making good, healthy choices, choosing un-processed foods, and steering clear from refined sugars for the long term.

So today, I am allowing myself to eat organic, dark chocolate only.  I also allowed for a few Gins (soda/tonic and lime) too last night to celebrate at a friends 30th Birthday.  Overall though, I plan to only eat foods that are as unprocessed as possible and steer clear of as much refined sugar as possible.  To make life harder, I am also out all day today supporting my husband at Inferno London – a Crossfit competition.  I am hoping that due to the nature of the competition that there will be plenty of good food available, bit I accept that there are going to be meals and even days where staying strict is just not possible, so for me, as long as I am strict whenever I can be, I can relax on those high days and holidays.

This Weeks Keto Diet Meal Diary Highlights

Day 1:

Courgetti chicken and pesto salad with tomatoes and pine nuts

Day 2:

keto diet

Butternut squash bolognese

Day 3:

Protein pancakes with berries to top

Day 4:

No bread Eggs Benedict – ham, spinach, tomatoes, spring onions, pine nuts and avocado

Day 5:

Elle McPherson’s Wellco Nourishing protein shake, mixed with strawberries, blueberries and organic almond milk

Day 6:

Organic, homemade chilli beef burger, lettuce bun, avocado, cheese, tomatoes and carrot chips

Snacking on the Keto Diet

This week I have definitely relied on the homemade Keto chocolates I made at the beginning of the week (recipe here), but have also found that my iced coffee has helped hit the spot at times too. Rebel Kitchen do a great dairy free iced coffee that uses coconut milk, which actually makes it taste slightly sweeter than when normal milk is used.

Keto Peanut Butter Chocolate Bombs

My Keto Diet Challenge Results so far…

It’s still only early stages, but so far I have noticed a few things

A few benefits are…

  • I have not been bloated all week – my stomach has been as flat as a pancake and I have not had any cramps or pain caused by my IBS.
  • I have noticed an improvement in my concentration, I feel in general, far more focused and alert.

A few cons…

  • Unfortunately, the new diet has meant that I have been ‘going’ more, which I have been told to ride out and see if I regain balance in a week or two.
  • I have also lost a few pounds (not good as trying to maintain my weight, not loose weight) and also dropped 1% body fat – I am going to reaccess in another week to see if this continues.  If I loose more weight/body fat, then I will have to start looking to increase my carb in take whilst still remaining organic and unprocessed – I probably will start adding more things like sweet potato and quinoa to my meals.

Keto Diet Resources

In my searches this week for meal ideas, snack recipes and general advice I have come across quite a few helpful websites. I have shared these below:

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