Travel Diaries: Hawaii, My Favourite Place in the World!

Oahu, Hawaii is possibly my most favourite place in the world, in fact scrap that…

Hawaii is my most favourite place in the world!

Why? I love the climate, I love the beauty of the geographical landscape, I love the Hawaiian heritage and culture (that gradually is being clawed back after many years of repression), and most of all I love the healthy outdoor lifestyle that many Hawaiians live by every day.

Anyone who knows me, knows how much I love to take a morning run on holiday, not only is sunrise possibly the most magical time of the day for me, it allows me to keep up with my fitness whilst away, plus its my time to reflect, appreciate my life and how fortunate I am to be able o travel to these places.


When I stayed in Waikiki, Oahu, I would run along the beach front in the mornings, taking in the amazing sunrise and the beautiful ocean views.  Normally when I am on holiday and out running at this time, I bump into very few people, but here in Waikiki it was alive with other fitness addicts! Of course there were other runners out, but in addition to this, there were yoga classes on the beach and in the city parks, people were doing distance swimming in the ocean and of course there were the surfers catching the first waves of the day – all before most people headed to work. What a life, what an inspiration to stay fit and healthy!  It’s no wonder they hold the very prestigious, invitational Iron Man here. To sum it up, it’s a lifestyle I aspire to, one that I wish I could replicate back home, but due to our colder, very wet climate its one thats difficult for me to lead, and so I keep dreaming!

My Hawaii Travel Guide

Hawaii is a destination that should be on every fitness addicts and adventure lovers list, with so many activities to try, in the perfect climate, and a beautiful destination to boot! I cannot recommend it highly enough.  Sure it’s a long flight, but it’s worth it at least once in your lifetime – I promise you wont be disappointed.

Oh and did I mention it was still Zika Free?! Yes, tropical and ZIKA FREE

  • Flight Time: 18 hours from London
  • Flight Cost: returns from £700 direct
  • Average Temp: 25c° – 30c°

Best time to go: Any time!

Hawaii has a pretty consistent climate all year round.  However if surfing is your thing (it’s definitely mine!) you may want to head to the North Shore, Oahu, aka Surfers Mecca, in the winter months (like we did) to catch a glimpse of the big wave surfers at the world famous Waimea Bay and the Banzai Pipeline.

I am fortunate enough to have been twice, once at the end of January (when the biggest waves can be seen) and once over my birthday, early November.

I found during my November trip, being on the cusp of the seasonal changes, I got a taste of the summer on some days, experiencing a much calmer ocean on the North Shore, but then on other days, the weather would change slightly and I would get a taste of the big wave winter season that was fast approaching too. It was a little warmer too then that our January trip was.

Where to stay: 

Turtle Bay Resort – ££££

If you are looking for the ultimate chill out holiday, then Turtle Bay is for you – a beautiful resort located on the North Shore with good facilities, its own private beach.  Nearest town is Haleiwa which is about 10 minutes drive away.

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Aston Waikiki Beach – £££

When we have been we have chosen to stay in Waikiki, a great option if you don’t want to worry about drinking and driving.  There is a huge selection selection of lively bars, restaurants, shops and entertainment for the evening hours, but are happy to travel to the North Shore during the day (about 40 minutes away by car).

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What to do:

There is so much to do in Oahu, Hawaii, I wont be able to cover everything in this one blog, but if I had to list my top 5 suggestions they would be:

1. Signup for a surf lesson – how could you go to Hawaii and not surf!? Its a no-brainer!

2. Go to a Luau – a traditional Hawaiian party or feast, that usually comes with entertainment (especially for the tourist specific ones). Taste the traditional Kalua Pig, cooked in the ground, its amazing! Then dance the night away to traditional Hawaiian music and hula.

Banzai Pipe

The Banzai Pipeline

3. Head to the North Shore – check out the world famous Waimea Bay, browse the shops in Haleiwa and spectate the pros at the Banzai Pipeline.

4. Chill out at Lanikai – in contrast to the North Shore, the ocean is so still here – perfect for kayaking or paddle boarding. Or if you want to take a break from the ocean, try out the Pillbox Hike, a short walk that will reward you with beautiful views of the island!

Lanakai, Oahu

5. Enjoy evenings in Waikiki – there’s so much to do from shopping to indoor gun ranges, bars and restaurants.  Not to mention the worlds best sunset across the bay!

Where to Surf:

For the veteran surfers, head to the North Shore with out a doubt.  The famous breaks like the Banzai Pipe Line, Waimea Bay and Sunset Beach will be probably be quite crowded, but also good to spot a few pros and get a chance to ride alongside them.  However, if crowds are not your thing, there are lots of hidden spots too along the coastline if you take a cruise and keep an eye out for them.

You could also try the east coast – there are lots of good waves to be snatched there, and will be less crowded by the tourists.

For beginners, head to Waikiki Beach where there are lots of surf concessions from which you can hire boards and book lessons.

Other tips?

  • Definitely rent a car or wheels for your trip here – Oahu is only small, it takes just 45mins to drive from Waikiki to the North Shore and there’s plenty of hidden bays and secret waterfalls to explore!

  • Island Hop – Catch a flight to one of the other islands, I have only been to the Big Island so far, to see the Volcanoes, but on my next trip I would love to see Maui and Lanai too.
Rainbow Shave Ice

Rainbow Shave Ice

  • Get a Shave Ice – I haven’t seen this anywhere else but Hawaii – a great alternative to ice cream and far more refreshing!


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