Week 2 of My Keto Diet Challenge

I am 2 full weeks into my Keto Diet Challenge and still going strong in terms of sticking to natural, refined sugar free, unprocessed foods – my main goal!

However, on Wednesday, I made the decision to add 1 GOOD carbohydrate meal per day into my diet, this is because my weight has dropped and no matter how much I eat (sticking to Keto) I just can’t get it back up to where I should be. I know that probably, a lot of this weight lost is water retention, now that I am not constantly bloated every day this could account for the loss, but my body fat has dropped by 1.5% too and again, I cannot get it back up.  My main concern at the start of this challenge as loosing too much weight, so I was fully prepared to adapt and adjust to what my body needs.

I think adding one carb to one meal per day will help get me back on track. However, that carbohydrate has to follow the same rules;

  • raw, 100% natural – no chemicals
  • no refined sugars
  • unprocessed

So, this week I have been eating things like Baked Sweet Potato and last night a little bit of quinoa.  I guess my diet will now be more of a mix of Paleo/Keto type meals. Perhaps I need to rename this challenge!

The key thing is – I am still staying SUGAR FREE!

Tough challenge #1: Low energy – Tuesday was another low day for me, I really struggled to keep my energy (and mood) up.  I am not sure what this could be down to – perhaps the tough CrossFit workout the day before, or the usual monthly women’s hormones, the constant rain and grey days (I need sunshine in my life!) we have been having recently, or the Keto diet – or perhaps a mixture of all 4 just added up to one great big overload!

Tough challenge #2: Finding sugar free snacks on the go – my first challenge on Saturday came whilst we were out and we both (my husband and I) needed a snack mid-afternoon.  It’s not until doing this Keto diet challenge that I have realised just how sugar laden all our ‘easy’ snack options are – you are limited to a selection of sweets, crisps, biscuits or highly processed meat snacks.  Occasionally you might find the off fruit and nut mix, but dried fruit has so much sugar in it and should be avoided on the Keto diet.  Eventually, I gave up, bought a packet of fruit and nut mix, picked out the nuts and binned the fruits!

Tough challenge #3: Eating out is hard – I was not going to allow for a cheat day this week, but I ended up allowing one ‘cheat(ish)’ meal. On this diet, it is hard to be ‘social-able’ and 100% strict, especially when it’s your partner that wants to go out for a meal.  We ended up in Nando’s where I decided that I would allow myself a cheat meal – but still needed to stick mostly to the rules.  I had their Sweet Potato and Quinoa Salad, with extra hot chicken.  I didn’t have carbs earlier in the day so this was fine (with my new rules), but I am not sure (and haven’t checked yet) what exactly is in their spicy sauces but I think they definitely contain some sort of sugar or unnatural ingredients – if any one knows, or has suggestions for future Keto/Paleo friendly Nando’s meals for a spicy chicken lover, please feel free to leave your comments below.

I feel that as this is a lifestyle change, rather than a quick fix diet, you have to allow for the odd cheat meal or two, otherwise its just not sustainable as a way of life.

This Weeks Keto Diet Meal Diary Highlights

DAY 8:

Dinner: Similar to last weeks as I loved the carrot chips so much! Chicken, lettuce, avocado, cheese with carrot chips


DAY 9:

Dinner: Pomegranate and feta chicken salad with pistachios and spinach

DAY 10:

Lunch: Feta, Spinach and Chicken Salad with cherry tomatoes

DAY 11:

Lunch: Watermelon, pomegranate and feta salad with parma ham

DAY 12:

Lunch: Another Keto pizza and salad with cottage cheese

DAY 13:

My Nandos ‘cheat meal’ – Sweet Potato, Quinoa & Feta Salad with ‘Extra Hot’ Chicken

Keep an eye out on my instagram later today for todays (DAY 14) Keto Roast Dinner.

This weeks Keto snack

I now really love my iced coffee – this and a handful of nuts if often enough for my morning snack.

After lunch though I still need to satisfy my sweet tooth, so again have heavily relied on pre made keto chocolates. This week I made Peanut Butter Cups which were delish!

Keto Peanut Butter Cups

Keto Peanut Butter Cups


I also allowed my self one glass of Champagne, with strawberries to sweeten at the weekend as a treat too…

Keto Alcohol: Did you know 1 glass of champagne has only 1g of carbs in it?!

My Keto Diet Challenge Results so far…

A few benefits are…

  • Still not bloated – wahoo!!! I also feel a lot healthier inside generally.
  • My skin is clearer – since coming off the pill my skin has been a total hormonal nightmare.  However, since going on this diet I have had two solid weeks of consistently good skin!
  • Not so many cravings – I used to be a serious chocoholic, but since sticking to this diet I have not had so many cravings – in fact I haven’t really even wanted sweets or normal chocolate.  Just goes to show what refined sugar was doing to me

A few cons…

  • Still loosing weight – this is a benefit for most, but as mentioned earlier I am trying to maintain my weight and have found it impossible to do this. For this reason I will need to re-introduce a good carbohydrate again to one meal per day.
  • Still ‘going’ a lot – although it has calmed down from the previous week
  • Slump days – every now and then i have one day (probably only totalling 3 in the last 2 weeks) where I am totally knackered and feel low on energy – not sure if this is down to the diet though.

Keto Diet Resources

As usual, I have kept note of all the useful sites and tidbits of information that I  have used this week to help me on my challenge, please see these listed below for your reference:

Further Reading…

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  • Find out why I am doing this challenge here
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