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Week 3: Keto, Sugar Free Diet Challenge

Wahoo – I have nearly completed week 3 on my Keto/Paleo/Sugar Free diet challenge (still not sure what to call it now that I have added a few good, unprocessed, carbs). I am writing this blog a little ahead of time this week so that you guys don’t miss your usual Sunday morning update!

I am really surprised at how long I have managed to go without eating a single rubbishy chocolate bar! If no one else is proud of me, I sure am!  Especially as it’s been that time of the month for me this week – thats when I usually turn into the biggest chocolate monster!

However, what has surprised me even more is that it’s only when I see someone else eating rubbishy chocolate (which luckily is rare – everyone close to me has been warned to hide away if eating chocolate these past few weeks!) that I actually crave it again, otherwise it doesn’t bother me that much any more. So long as I have my Keto goodies prepped and ready, I am fine.

This just proves my chocolate addiction was bad habit that needed to be broken.

Now I have re-learnt self discipline and have found a determination like no other to live a sugar free life as much as possible, it’s really becoming quite easy.  Especially when you start to feel all the benefits of eating by your new regieme:

  • My skin is looking much better
  • My bloating has gone and my stomach feels much more comfortable in general
  • I feel fresher, I have more energy and less

This weekend I have my friends wedding (Saturday) to attend so I always knew there was going to be some cheating that day. I set off well, making sure I ate a good Keto-friendly breakfast, Chai Coconut Pudding, and plan to have a light Keto-friendly brunch/lunch, prior to the ceremony at 1PM. I will be super careful not to cheat in the morning.  However, as with all weddings, I know that in the afternoon, once the ceremony has past, it will be full of eating and drink lots of non-Keto friendly things!

But thats ok, I keep reminding myself, its supposed to be a lifestyle change not a fad diet. I plan to start my 24 hour cheat day from the first non-Keto-friendly drink or Wedding breakfast (whichever comes first) making note of the time so that when my 24 hours are up on Sunday, I will go back to eating only Keto friendly foods and drinks.

IF I can, ideally as I have not compelted the full 30 days I set out on yet, I would like to jump straight back into a strict Keto Diet as soon as I wake up on Sunday (hangover permitting) – keep an eye on my instagram, I will keep you updated to see if I manage this!

What will be interesting to see is how I feel Sunday/Monday after my first proper binge high sugar foods and drinks.

  • How will my body react the following 24 hours after I go back to eating Keto only again?
  • Will I have to go through the cravings and low energy days like I had at the start of the diet plan.

With this in mind, I have made sure that next week my meals are all planned, snacks are prepped and am ready to tackle the cravings head on – one cheat day is not going to ruin my strong winning streak!

I have one week left now of my strict 4 week/30 day challenge, after that we shall see where it goes, but I’m feeling strong and hopeful that this really will be a continued lifestyle change, with the odd cheat meal/day allowance.

So what have my touch challenges been this week?

Tough challenge #1: PMS Cravings – I knew that I usually crave my body weight in chocolate this time of the month, so I hit the week fully prepared, making double the amount of keto friendly, sugar free treats to keep my craving at bay.  it worked!

Tough challenge #2: Keeping weight up – the last two weeks I have struggled to maintain both my body fat and overall weight, however adding a few carbs to my meals once a day has definitely helped this week.


This Weeks Sugar Free Diet Challenge Meal Highlights

DAY 15:

Keto Porridge

Breakfast: Keto Porridge – I added my own toppings – blueberries, fried (in coconut oil) apple and seeds.

DAY 16:

Nandos Chicken Salad

Lunch: Homemade Nando’s Chicken Salad – Quinoa and Sweet Potato with Feta and Chicken

DAY 17:

Go Eat Clean Sandhurst

Dinner: Go Eat Clean, Keto Style! Halloumi Cheese, Walnut and Pesto Sauce with Spinach, Broccoli and Kale

DAY 18:

Keto Meal Inspiration - Salad Recipes

Lunch: Poached egg, ham salad – my own variation on The Body Coaches No Bread Eggs Benedict

DAY 19:

DAY 20:

Keto Meal Inspiration

Breakfast: My own variation on The Diet Doctors Keto Chai Strawberry Pudding – adding Paleo Granola and blueberries

This weeks sugar free snacks

In preparation for my usual chocolate binge triggered by ‘that time of the month’ I made 2 types of Keto snacks this week for my sugar free diet challenge:

Keto Chocolate & Peanut Butter Squares

sugar free diet challenge treats - peanut butter squares

Keto Dark Cocolate Raspberry & Almond Cups

Both were delicious, but I feel that the squares just had the edge – I love peanut butter so much!

My Sugar Free Diet Challenge Results so far…

A few benefits are…

  • 3 weeks with no bloat – even on my period!
  • My skin is still much clearer – even though I usually turn all pimply at this time each month

A few cons…

  • Still ‘going’ much more than before – although this probably is a good thing, I seem to now have a regular pattern again.  This new lifestyle shows it’s definitely helping my IBS.

Keto/Paelo/Sugar Free Diet Challenge Resources

As usual, I have kept note of all the useful sites and tidbits of information that I  have used this week to help me on my challenge, please see these listed below for your reference:

Further Reading…

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  • Find out why I am doing this challenge here
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